Webb County Residents Receive Free Medical Services

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It was a full house on Saturday morning at the Larga Vista Community Center where Webb County residents lined up to receive free medical services.

Webb County, the U.S. Army Reserve, along with TAMU's colonias program have partnered up to provide a long list of medical services at no cost.

"Dental, optometry, and medical are the primary services people want in the area," said MAJ Edward King said.

Residents of Laredo waited patiently for their turn to be seen by a medical professional.

"It's part of the innovative readiness training in Texas," Kind said. "However, there are other innovative readiness trainings that take place throughout the country and the impoverished areas of the United States."

If you are in need of services, all you need to provide is a name, date of birth, and medical history.

Patients can be with a dentist in one room, and see an optometrist in the next. Even getting an eye exam and receiving glasses is a quick process.

"It's a 48-hour turnaround," King said. "Within 48 hours, you have your prescription, and your glasses."

Despite a large number of people looking for services, Major King welcomes residents to take advantage of this opportunity.

"Just yesterday, we prescribed 100 prescriptions for the folks living in Laredo," King said.

You can find these services at different sites, including the Larga Vista Community Center and El Cenizo Community Center.

The hours of operation for the clinics are from 8AM to 6PM.