Webb County Sheriff's Office arrests 17 during Neighborhood Sweep

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LAREDO The Webb County Sheriff's Office shared the latest results of a two-month operation.

Even though the operation has led to over a dozen arrests, it's a new type of crime that is causing problems for the sheriff's department.

The operation started at the beginning of the summer and up until last week, 17 arrests have been made in what the sheriff is calling "Operation Neighborhood Sweep".

On Tuesday morning the Webb County Sheriff's Office unveiled the results of their two-month operation which focus is to locate street-level drug pushers.

The operation was spearheaded by the Webb County Narcotics Division and resulted in nine different cases.

Most of the drugs seized during the operation included marijuana, cocaine, Xanax pills and in one case black tar heroin; however, it's the rise of women committing crimes that is gathering the attention of the sheriff's office.

According to Sheriff Martin Cuellar, the Webb County Jail does not have enough space to house all the female inmates resulting in Webb County having to transfer them to other jail facilities.

As a result, four minors were also arrested aging from 15 to 16 years of age.

The sheriff's office is encouraging those who know of any crimes being committed to “Report your competition” and call the sheriff's hotline at 415-2878.

Sheriff Cuellar adds he will continue to make the community a safer one especially when it deals with the safety of our children.