What will happen to Bush's faithful service dog?

(NBC) - George H.W. Bush's faithful service dog Sully is still by his pal's side, even after the former president died at 94 on Friday.

A heartbreaking photo showed Sully lying by Bush's flag-draped coffin in a well-lit room, keeping the 41st commander in chief safe in death as he did in life.

Turns out that loyalty was learned on Long Island at the "America's Vet Dogs" training campus in Smithtown.

The charity trains and places dogs like "Liberty" with veterans free of charge helping them with everyday tasks along with being a dedicated companion.

The two-year-old Labrador was matched with mister Bush this past summer, shortly after the passing of the former president's wife, Barbara.

Officials say Sully will be returning to the campus at Smithtown to get a refresher course and spend time with dogs like Liberty. His next mission will be helping soldiers at Walter Reed Medical center.