Wiring along the border is being taken down

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- Wiring along the border is being taken down after nearly a month of sitting along the banks of our river.

Soldiers could be seen unraveling concertina wire from poles and rolling it back up.

Overnight it's said that the military removed the barriers meant to send a message to migrants from the banks.

Wiring along the bridge still remains, but Congressman Henry Cuellar says all concertina should be removed from Laredo by the end of the week.

Laredo was the first location to have the wiring removed.

Congressman Cuellar says they'll soon get an idea of when other border areas will have the wire taken away.

Since the caravan has a strong presence in Tijuana, the focus remains in California.

Cuellar says millions of dollars were spent on food, transportation, and materials for the military during the stay.