Local woman struggles to receive COVID testing

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A family is sharing with KGNS their personal struggle as they try to get a family member tested for what they are fearing could be COVID-19.

Anselmo Gustavo Ponce says his wife has been showing symptoms like excessive coughing and and severe pain for the last eight days.

They went to a clinic to get checked, and the woman was tested for various viruses, and each came out negative.

The clinic then told them to go to the City Health Department to be checked for the COVID-19.

He said that the Health Department told them his wife did not meet the criteria to be tested for COVID-19.

He started calling around and found help through medical professionals that work in Nuevo Laredo.

"And they start to call from Nuevo Laredo, to Laredo to put pressure on people so they can receive the exam, and mysteriously, miraculously the call from the City appears, and a little while later so does the ambulance."

The family is still waiting for the results to come back.