Woman accused of impersonating someone for 40 years

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- A woman is arrested for fraud, after pretending she was someone else for over 40 years.

72-year-old Magdalena Mulgado Zepulveda was arrested on charges of forgery and fraud use/possession of identifying information.

According to police, they responded to possible fraud report back in February of last year.

The City of Laredo Vital Statistics Office reported that a woman identified as Felicidad Martinez was attempting to obtain a copy of her birth certificate.

Records at the office indicated that Ms. Martinez had been deceased since 2003.

A report was filed and authorities started to investigate.

Police say the real Felicidad Martinez and the suspect, probably knew each other, and Ms. Martinez let her use her identity back in the '70s.

She has purchased properties and has businesses under that name.

Police say these cases are very common, as they receive numerous cases daily.

She is currently at the Webb County Jail under a 650 thousand dollar bond.