Social media post sparks conversation about Laredo's LGBTQ community

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A post made on social media says a transgender woman was scared to move to Laredo after the city was found to be one of the least friendly LGBTQ cities in Texas.

Chema Villarreal is very involved in the local LGBTQ community in Laredo and says although he is not the person who made the post, the person who made it has a valid concern.

Villarreal says Laredo has a long way to go to become LGBT-friendly but it’s getting there.

When Chema is not working as a student, by midnight he is the divalicious drag queen.

He wants to make it clear that dressing in drag and being trans are not the same thing.

Villarreal says, "It's more of a performance, whereas a transgender person is transitioning to becoming a woman. Whether it’s surgically, or your every day just dressing up as a woman, whether at your job or at home. And it’s more for themselves."

Back in 2018, Laredo had one of the lowest scores regarding LGBTQ friendly cities in Texas.

The city tabled an ordinance that would prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ people after the leader of conservative organization Texas values threatened to sue.

That same year, a transgender woman was killed by a Border Patrol agent.

Texas A&M International University offers a safe space for students to be their authentic selves.

Although Chema feels safe in Laredo, considering all of the events that happened last year, he understands why a transgender person might by antsy to make the move.

The woman who made the social media post remained anonymous.