Woman live streams chase from State Trooper

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - For a while now, social media has given us the ability to connect with our loved ones, post pictures, and even livestream any moment of our lives with the touch of a button.

It's that last feature that has given us an inside look into a high speed police chase from the eyes of the alleged law breaker.

This being a border town, we hear and see law enforcement pursuits very often, but we've never been able to see it through the eyes of those being chased, and according to DPS they've never seen it done before either.

The video posted on Friday was by 19-year-old Karyme Espinoza who was filming as Texas Trooper is on their pursuit.

Texas Department of Public Safety's Sergeant Eric Estrada says this was a rare case.

"This is one of the first times I do see one of the persons actually engaged in the crime actually livestreaming it."

Estrada says he was baffled by the video.

"We would never think that someone would want to incriminate themselves by livestreaming the crime they are actually committing."

But that is exactly what happened Friday on Highway 83 outside San Ignacio, after the SUV driven by 22-year-old Alejandro Vela failed to stop for a traffic violation.

"We are currently going 160," Espinoza said in the video.

The chase included avoiding tire spikes.

Although the majority of the pursuit happened inside Zapata County, the SUV came close to the Webb County line, and later to almost cross to Jim Hogg County.

Viewers were able to see Espinoza reassure everyone everything would be alright, as well as the driver of the SUV calling family members.

Behind them, the sound of sirens, as everyone aboard the vehicle ran towards the brush.

Espinoza and Vela are now facing unlawful transport of a person and evading arrest charges.

According to DPS, besides the driver and passenger, three people were turned over to Border Patrol.

To view more of the unedited chase livestream video, you can click on the “extras” tab on our website.