Two Women Save Dogs Life While Playing Pokemon Go

Published: Jul. 12, 2016 at 7:34 PM CDT
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You've probably seen people out with their smartphones, playing the new game "Pokemon Go" for fun.

But in Lufkin that game probably saved an injured puppy's life.

Kaitlyn Kouts and friend Tiffany Revay are two of the millions of Americans playing the new addictive smartphone app "Pokemon Go" which allows you to catch virtual creatures in your real world surroundings. While out on a hunt for 'Jiggly Puff' Kouts found something in need of help.

"Instead of finding 'Jiggly Puff' I found a puppy", said Kouts.

Right there by a tree at a dead end road near chambers park in Lufkin.

"His mouth was bleeding, he wasn't moving very much. He looked like he was in pain. We found out his back leg was broken. And um, his gums were pale and blue and so were his ears as well", said Kouts.

Three days later the dog left for dead has a second chance at life.

Kaitlin and Tiffany may not have been able to stabilize the dog if it wasn't for their pizza delivery guy who also happens to be a trained EMT.

"I just finished EMT training and had my med kit with me I'd loved to go over there and see if I could help with anything", said Skyler Jerke.

"It just had to be a sign that we were going to , it was going to be ok and that we were going to get help. And that's just insane that our pizza guy just happened to be someone who knew about injuries and things like that", said Kouts.

Skyler Jerke said it was one of his first animal saves and won't that he won't forget.

"Anytime I can apply my training to either a human or animal it is a good feeling", said Jerke.

So now with this once nameless pup having a new life it was only fitting for Kouts to make the name stick out.

"I decided to name him pokey after Pokemon", said Kouts.

Before "Poke-y" can be released from the vet he will have to undergo several surgeries to fix his legs.

A go fund me donation page has been set up. You can find it by looking under "Wendy's misfits."