How SB-4 is affecting the workforce in Texas

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Texas Labor Force is seeing a change in pace when it comes to construction workers across the state of Texas leaving their jobs.

The Workers Defense Project says not many are willing to take on the labor job positions and the few that do are slowly leaving the state.

The Workers Defense Project says it’s because of unlivable wages and the current political climate with Senate Bill Four, workers are not only leaving the industry, but they are leaving the state.

The organizations also say one of several factors is that many construction workers are undocumented, but those who are able to work legally don’t see the benefit in the industry.

Sam Robles with the Workers Defense Project says, to attract and keep people in labor work positions, the job must offer fair compensation.

Robles adds that half of Texas construction workers are undocumented.
As it gets closer for Senate Bill Four to take effect, experts expect more construction workers may be afraid to show up to work.

Experts say if labor shortages continue, there will be an effect in the long run.