You've Never Seen an Office Like This

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(CNBC) - Information technology has caused a boom in small business. Anyone with a computer can launch a website and start working from anywhere.

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But for some, where you work is still important.

This is why the boom in small business is causing yet another boom in offices - not real offices, mind you, but virtual offices.

On the 85th floor of 1 World Trade Center, there are receptionists, offices, conference rooms and co-working spaces.

But it's what's not here, or rather who is not here that matters.

"[A] Virtual office is really people who are working from home," says ServCorp COO Marcus Moufarrige.

Australia-based ServCorp has operations in 24 countries, but entered the U.S. only recently, during the recession, when real estate prices slumped. They took space in several prime locations, including 1 World Trade, where they are selling both the space and the address.

"We now have 40,000 customers that don't actually rent any space from us," Marcus said. "They can use our space on a casual basis, they can use infrastructure. We've got in telecommunications technology, so their business is really well represented," Marcus said.

Starting at $250 a month, clients can get the five-star address, the urban area code, secure email and a receptionist who answers for their company and can accept real mail or faxes.

"The aim of marketing is to build trust in clients so you create an environment where they want to buy from you. And really, this is maybe turbo charging that," Marcus said.

Jordan Hamad is CEO of a small tech consulting firm in Oregon. Just seven employees, but you'd never know that from his 1 World Trade Address.

"There's a good deal of prestige that comes along with being here," Jordan said. "It's the most recognizable address in the world, and so it's great we can attach the company name to that."

The biggest expense for small businesses is people and rent. The longer they can put off investing in this, the more profitable they will be. Now that technology allows anyone to be anywhere, at least virtually.

It makes sense that wherever you are, you should be at the top.

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