Zapata ISD currently voting for school bond

File photo: Zapata ISD

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Zapata County is currently voting for an important issue on their ballots.

They are voting for a school bond of $15 million this Election Day.

Zapata County ISD has not held a bond election in 15 years, since 2004.

Since then they have built a couple of schools using money from the general fund.

However, times are changing, and now they need the voters help.

"Times have changed a bit,” said Ricardo Ramirez, president of the board. “Our tax based has decreased drastically. So this time we need to go out and ask the public to help us, and that's why we are having a bond election."

The county is hoping $15 million bond will help with security at the schools. The school district is looking to build security stations at the schools, and some need fencing around the campus.

The school district is also looking to install lockdown devices for each classroom.

The bond will also pay for instructional facilities and repairs.

Zapata County ISD has enrolled 1,800 elementary students, over 800 middle school students, and nearly 940 high school students.