Project Grow Community Garden Debuts Downtown

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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - After a popular store closed it's doors, many people in the downtown area were left looking for other ways to get fresh produce.

This is a community initiative project for the senior residents sponsored by the Laredo Garden Project.

The closing of the downtown H-E-B has left many in the area in a looming food desert crisis but with the help of Laredo Gateway Rotary, residents at the Laredo Housing Authority home are growing their own food.

After a community imitative program grant was awarded to El Centro De Laredo Farmers Market with Laredo Mainstreet, residents received a new garden at the senior residence off Juarez street.

It's a community initiative project for the senior residents which is sponsored by Laredo Gateway Rotary.

Residents are now getting their nutrients straight from their brand new garden.

Not only are the residents getting to enjoy the vegetables, they are also getting the experience of cultivating organic produce.

Laredo Mainstreet is hoping this project will have a ripple effect in the community and inspire others to grow their own food.

The organization will help the residents add more vegetables to the garden on a seasonal basis.

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