Daily City briefing: Health Department explains nine COVID-19 cases

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the City of Laredo and Webb County is now up to nine.

We received word of the new case just before 6 o'clock Tuesday evening.

With this changing by the hour and at such as a rapid pace, officials provide an update on what measures they're taking and could take.

In just the last 24 hours, five positive cases have been added, but according the Laredo Health Department the good news is that the vulnerable populations aren't being affected.

In the daily media briefings, Health Department Director Doctor Hector Gonzalez explains the nine positive cases in the community.

"Certainly you know about the three teachers, after school workers that involve two schools and our recreation center, and then the fourth case was a travel that person had a close contact with someone that now is positive, then we have the sixth case that's a person who had respiratory symptoms saw the providers. The provider tested and came out positive."

The seventh case is a person who traveled to California, and the eighth came in contact with the seventh.

The ninth case has not traveled and is a case of community transmission.

They're currently doing an investigation into how these individuals came in contact with the virus.

"The immediate group is the families to see if anyone's sick. Where they're at if they're students, if they work and then if they do work or go to school, see what kind of contact was there so we can do that."

Doctor Gonzalez says these individuals are doing fine.

"They've had from mild symptoms to no symptoms to respiratory symptoms: cough, chest congestion, shortness of breath. All of those are critical signs."

All of the people who have tested positive continue under quarantine.

The first COVID-19 case is close to completing the two week quarantine, but will have to get tested twice, both tests have to be negative before being cleared.

So far, 112 people have been tested, and 37 of those results have come back negative.