Housing Authority Gives Update of Ongoing Projects

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The Housing Authority of Laredo is currently working on two projects, the Russell Terrace Development and the Casa Verde Apartments.

Members say that they are making great progress in both projects.

They are currently completing paper work for the revitalization of the Russell Terrace Apartments.

After Final Approval from U.S. Housing and Urban Development and the city, they will begin reconstruction for the development this May.

They will be constructing the Casa Verde Apartments to provide affordable housing in the area, since the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs are granting the tax credits for Casa Verde, currently clearing the land to start the ground breaking.

The Housing Authority says that reconstruction for Russell Terrace is planned to be a two-year project since it's being done in phases.

Construction of the Casa Verde apartments will be done by 2018, and people will be able to start applying to become residents.

They are working very hard, hopefully they continue to go as planned.

The Housing Authority is also starting to use social media platforms to reach more people in Laredo.

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