Release of Undocumented Immigrants Continues in Laredo

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Another group of undocumented immigrants were scheduled to be released in Laredo.

Employees of the downtown bus station tell us there has been a steady stream of buses, up to five so far, carrying between 20 and 40 women.

It's the latest in a series of several releases of undocumented immigrants who met certain eligibility requirements.

We first heard reports of 400 undocumented immigrants that were heading to Laredo but the number is uncertain and no one in the city was given a warning from Immigration Customs Enforcement.

A prime example of a lack of communication between local and federal government, but Congressman Cuellar is working to change this.

Station employees have seen as many as five of these trips being made by CCA, a holding center for ICE, carrying between 20 and 40 undocumented women.

The situation is very similar to the 2014 surge of central Americans who found themselves stranded without travel plans, creating a humanitarian crisis in Laredo.

Councilwoman and immigration attorney Nelly Vielma spoke with a deportation supervisor regarding the situation.

Vielma was told there are differences from then to now, the women have orders to appear in court but are free from ICE custody until then.

Vielma says they were selected carefully.

It's a process shrouded in mystery for local communities, seeing dozens of immigrants and not knowing they were coming in the first place.

Congressman Cuellar believes communication must be established through legislation.

It's a notification that could prove helpful to those in need of a helping hand and those giving it.

Vielma also says that she was told this movement of immigrants happens after day-to-day evaluations of bed space reveal, a need for more space.

However, some countries refusing to repatriate are also adding to the overflow in immigration detention centers.

Cuellar is also advocating for Mexico to do more to help decrease illegal immigration.

He's encouraging they add patrol at their northern and southern borders.

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