Many employees to lose their job at LCC

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Several people working for LCC and certain services that are offered now will not be returning next school year.

(Photo Courtesy: Laredo Community College)

The president of LCC says registration has been holding steady, but state funds have not.

Now, many positions and divisions are being cut or altered.

The contracts for 21 people will not be renewed for the next school year, which includes three deans and eight positions will be reassigned.
The student services department, academic department, marketing department, institution effectiveness, facilities and the health service department are all being affected by the change.

In the case of health services, it will be completely eliminated.

Duties will be re-delegated to campus police, who will be receiving extra equipment and training for responding to health related emergencies.
President of LCC, Dr. Ricardo Solis says the changes will save the college a little over 1.5 million dollars.

Dr. Solis says the positions being eliminated are done for efficiency and stress that it’s not an act of disciplinary action.

Despite the changes, Dr. Solis says they are not considering a hiring freeze.

Solis says in the next year or two they could have positions available where they might consider hiring the employees whose contracts are not being renewed this next school year.

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