City of Laredo Meets with Mexican Representatives for Port of Manzanillo Colima Deligation

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The City of Laredo meets with representatives of a Mexican port city to negotiate an agreement to use our town as their new port of entry.

According to Mayor Pete Saenz - Manzanillo, Colima and the city are working on a Memorandum of Understanding to use Laredo ports to bring in goods to the central and eastern United States.

Saenz says the distance from Manzanillo to Laredo was the major factor in the agreement between both cities.

"We've been discussing possibly a trip [in] September, October of this coming year so we can sign that Memorandum of Understanding and possibly even sign a Sister City arrangement, " Saenz said. "We can also bring something in other then commerce. We can bring culture, education, the arts and that sort of thing."

Manzanillo imports goods such as fruits, vegetables and perishables. Manzanillo used to import through the state of California.

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