Group Claims to Have Been Left Out of Raven Petroleum Meeting

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A last minute change to a meeting, involving a discussion over the construction of a new refinery near the Webb County border line leaves citizens feeling left out.

The meeting took place this past Tuesday.

Members from the South Texans Against the Refinery say they confirmed with the county if the public was invited, they say they were told yes.

However a different story began to unfold before the meeting was set to start.

STAR members say just when the meeting was about to start at the Jim Hogg District Court ROOM, they were told the meeting had been moved to a private residence. The meeting was moved to the home of Jim Hogg's county judge.

STAR member Tricia Cortez says that after arriving and trying to go inside, she was stopped by a constable.

Cortez says the constable who stopped her from attending the meeting told her the only people allowed in where Hebbronville business owners and asked her if she was a protester but Cortez says she was just there to listen to the facts.

KGNS reached out to Jimm Hogg County for their side of the story, but were unable to receive a response.

The proposed refinery would be the first of one built in the nation in more than 40 years.

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