Senator Zaffirini Pre-Files 42 Bills for 2017 Legislative Session

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Senator Judith Zaffirini has pre-filed the first 41 Senate Bills and the first Senate joint resolutions of the next legislative session this January.

Senator Judith Zaffirini in June 2016.

Of the 42 bills filed, six relate to higher education, two on public education and four on health and human services.

Her bills include the following:

• SB 31, which would prohibit texting while driving.

• SB 32, which would establish a successor to the B-On-Time Loan Program to provide low interest loans to high-achieving, low-income college students.

• SB 33, which would reform the TEXAS Grant financial aid program to incentivize timely graduation and maximize limited funding.

• SB 34, which would expand the use of outcomes-based funding in higher education to promote timely graduation and degree completion.

• SB 35, which would create universal pre-k for all four-year olds and expand half-day pre-k to qualifying at-risk three-year olds.

• SB 36-41, which would continue reforms to Texas' guardianship system begun during the 2015 legislative session.

• SB 42, which would implement the Texas Judicial Council's recommendations to improve security at Texas' courthouses and courtrooms.

• SB 48, which would established two annual, ten-day tax-free periods during which eligible low-income students would be able to purchase or rent textbooks tax-free.

• SB 50, which would strengthen state laws against hazing.

• SB 56, which would strengthen state agencies' cybersecurity plans.

• SB 65, which would authorize state enforcement action against a cemetery that is discriminating on the basis of race.

• SB 66, which would exempt vehicles purchased by active-duty service members deployed overseas from sales tax.

• SB 68, which would require an elected official convicted of a felony crime to forfeit their pension.

• SB 69, which would prohibit leaving a pet in a hot car and authorize a person to free a pet or a vulnerable person (baby) trapped in a hot car.

• SB 70, which would clarify the requirement that employers provide earning statements to employees.

• SB 71, which would help the City of San Marcos better manage restoration and environmental protection of the San Marcos River.

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