Laredo Fire Department Receives New Ambulances

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - As the City of Laredo grows, so does the demand for fire and safety equipment.

The Laredo Fire Department now has three new ambulances, which have been acquired as replacements for older units.

Each unit is replaced every five years, or when they reach 100,000 miles. This year, they come equipped with special features.

The new ambulances were purchased with funds received from the Texas Ambulance Supplemental Payment Program.

The following fire stations will be getting the new units:

- Fire Station #1 by International Bridge Two in downtown Laredo
- Fire Station #2 by Cigarroa High School in south Laredo
- Fire Station #12 by the Texas A&M International University on the Bob Bullock Loop

The new ambulances are 2017 models, and meet the latest national Fire Protection Association and ISO standards. They represent the city's commitment in providing the community with the best possible medical response and patient care.

"These features include the Ultra-Medic, which is intended to maximize the space providing an efficient and fluent working area," says Socorro Garza, of the Laredo Fire Department. "It also has an upgraded air conditioning system providing an air-flow distribution throughout the ambulance for the patient and medic comfort."

Garza says they also come equipped with increased emergency lighting visibility.

Each ambulance cost $210,000, for a total of $630,000.

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