New Bill Removes Tolls on Camino Colombia Road

Published: May. 30, 2017 at 9:54 AM CDT
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Drivers going down the Camino Colombia Road wont have to stop to pay a toll anymore.

Representative Richard Raymond's bill to get rid of the tolls was passed by the state, and will be taking effect this September.

KGNS spoke with Raymond, and he says the removal of the toll will help move international trade, create more jobs and help the Gateway City become a world leader in trade.

"You're going to see these trucks that are in the thousands have the option of cutting from there to get to Colombia Bridge, down Camino Colombia Bridge, to Interstate 35. Obviously there is still going to be a lot of traffic at the World Trade Bridge, but now as we continue to grow trade, we're going to have additional routes for those roads to take. That's going to make us an even more important player in the United States and in the world, really, when it comes to international trade here in Laredo," Raymond said.

Raymond goes on to say trucks going through the tolls, on average, pay $15 to $20.