UISD Schools Test Positive for Lack of Chlorine in Water

Published: Sep. 26, 2016 at 2:14 PM CDT
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Five UISD schools were left without drinking water after their water tested positive for low levels of chlorine.

The concerns over the quality of the water started on Thursday afternoon.

Once the district was aware of the concerns, they contacted the city's utilities department and they worked on the problem over the weekend.

According to the district, the utilities department tested the chlorine levels and the samples came back as positive, showing a lack of chlorine.

City officials say the water must have a minimum level of chlorine in order for the water to be drinkable.

Immediately after the issues, the city flushed out the system over the weekend to try and find the problem.

The city says all city water levels meet state requirements, but are not sure why the school district was having lower chlorine levels.

In the meantime the district has been providing bottled water to the students.

The city says the water is now drinkable but it's up to the school district to decide when they will stop issuing bottled water.

Officials say other water services, like restroom services have not been interrupted.