Washington Middle School Set to Reopen Wednesday

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The United Independent School District is working hard to get the students back into the classroom after last weekend's storm.

Due to the damages caused by the storm, all of United ISD's schools were closed on Monday.

On Tuesday, only Washington Middle School remained closed and school officials say parents and students can expect it to be open on Wednesday.

District officials say there was only one class which will need to be relocated due to the severity of damages to the classroom.

Even with the missed school days, the district says students will not have to make it up.

"We are required to have two extra days, bad weather days. We exceed the state requirement in elementary level and all levels, actually," says Gloria Rendon, of UISD.

The district says if no additional damages happen, students can expect to head to class on Wednesday.

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