Badgers Looking to Bounce Back in 2018

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We continue getting ready for the football season ahead of us with a trip out east to Bruni, where the Badgers are breaking in another new head coach and looking to get back on top of their district.

The Bruni football program has been a model of success on the field, having won five straight district titles before last season and even becoming the first team from Webb County to make it into the 4th round of the playoffs. While the end result has usually been wins on the field, they are also going through their 4th head coach in as many years. This time it's Odell James taking over the reins. James brings a bunch of football experience having played at and then being an assistant coach at Baylor. Now he steps into his first head coaching gig and the Badgers are already taking to his style.

"The coaches have changed things by bringing a little more discipline and they've shown us a lot of love and they know what they are doing." (Jesus ‘Montana’ Johnson, Bruni Linebacker)

Not only are the Badgers breaking in a new coach, but Bruni doesn't even have enough players to get a full 11 on 11 scrimmage. Don't think they'll be using that as any kind of excuse.

"It's always been Bruni to have smaller numbers than the other teams, but that just gives us more heart and it's going to show what we've got and we're not going to give up on each other." (Jorge Briseno, Bruni RB/MLB)

"It's affecting us a lot but we'll get through it, we have a lot of heart on this team and we believe in each other." (Jose Lopez, Bruni QB)

The coaches know they have to stay on top of the kids, not only on the field but making sure they are handling their business in the classroom as well.

"Two or three guys go down and that might be the season, so we gotta make sure they are healthy, strong and accountable for their actions in the classroom." (Odell James, Bruni Head Coach)

Small numbers or not, this group of Badgers has their eyes set on getting back to the top of the district and making another deep playoff run to get Bruni back on the football map.

"It's really important to us seniors to bring this community back up and just go into the 4th round again." (Lopez)

"That's the heart and soul of this town and one of the reasons I came because they were saying football is a big, big thing around here and that's something that brings the whole community together on Friday nights." (James)

"Football is very important to our community and we just want to make Bruni proud and we just want to leave something from our senior year. We want to pass that 4th round and hopefully even state." (Briseno)