Badgers Show No Quit Despite Rough Start

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The coaching duo of Jordan Gush and Richard Johnson goes back before they met up again at Bruni, both learning and watching from Curtis Horton at Fort Scott Junior College in Kansas.

“He was a grinder, I mean he was working from 6 AM until 10 at night, every single night. And really taught us that work ethic, and I saw that Coach Johnson never wavered. He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever been.” (Jordan Gush, Offensive Coordinator)

For a program that has seen too many coaches coming and going in the last five years, the boys at Bruni have now had that model of consistency as of late, and that culture is alive every second of practice.

“Like we don’t slack, we really don’t slack because the coaches get on us. Like we do up-downs and all that, run gasses, I hate run gasses sometimes.” (Adam Favela, RB/WR/DB)

Bruni goes in confident into the second round versus Granger. For most of this team, the second round is new territory, minus the two seniors who did get to the third round four years ago.

“That year when Bruni went to the fourth round with no seniors it’s just like that you know. We have that mindset that were just going to execute and dominate both sides of the ball and we got no quit in our hearts.” (Joseph Perez, WR/DB)

No quit, and consistency and trust in the process during the regular season has Bruni ready for the long run.

“We were 0-5 at the beginning of the year but the good thing that I’ll hang my hat on is we didn’t change anything. I mean we've had the same schedule the whole year it’s just the fruits of your labor. Like Jim Harbaugh said the other day, people expect you to plant potatoes and the next day make potato salad, it’s just not the reality of how it works. I mean it takes time.” (Coach Gush)