Battle of the Bands: Wolves vs Panthers

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - We are now heading into the second semi-finals of our battle of the bands contest as we try to figure out who is the best in the Laredo area.

This week’s match up it’s all about the south side as the LBJ Wolves go head to head against the Panthers’ band.

The LBJ band is about 95 members strong and it’s a young group with almost half the squad made up of freshmen.

The band recently took home first place at the 6-A UISD band contest and also first at the Bay Area marching contest.

The United South Panthers on the other hand picked up the most votes of any school in our opening round as they squeezed past United.

The Panthers boast one of the biggest bands in the city with roughly 220 members that are up in the early morning hours for practice.

The band recently took overall in the 6AA competition.

Now the choice is yours on which school will advance.

All you have to do is go to our twitter page @KGNS_Sports and cast your vote.

Congratulations to the Cigarroa Toros who were able to top Nixon this weekend and is off to the finals to face the winner of this week’s battle.