Bulldogs Set for 6th Regional Final

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And then there was one, as in only one high school team left in play across the Gateway City for the school year as the Alexander baseball team grinds away under the South Texas sun. For the sixth time in school history the Bulldogs will be in the regional finals starting tomorrow.

"It's amazing to be out here because not every team, especially here in Laredo gets to get this far and we're proud to be here." (Joel Hinojosa, Alexander SS)

"At our program they up hold that tradition, they take pride in it and they like being the last team standing in Laredo." (Fernando Lemus, Alexander Head Coach)

This playoff run hasn't always been easy though, as they've been pushed to a pair of decisive game three, including a 14 inning affair in the 3rd round plus a pair of one run victories over Reagan just last week.

"It shows that we have pride and will come back after everything we can, just like the 14 inning game, we came back after so many conflicts that we had and adversity we had." (Paco Hernandez, Alexander P/OF)

"They've just been real resilient all year, it's a fun group to coach and they buy into the winning program. Just excited and man these guys are ready to go." (Lemus)

Now as the program stares down a possible 3rd trip to the state tournament, they have one other obstacle other than nationally 15th ranked Lake Travis, that's graduation. While most seniors are ready for this once in a lifetime event, the Bulldogs say the field is where they want to be.

"We have a great group of seniors and we expect no issues, they are focused and we know we are playing Thursday, Saturday, graduation is Friday and it's business as usual." (Lemus)

"It's different but I'm telling you everybody on this team wants to win, so it's not a big deal. We're not really focused on that, we're focused on the series." (Hinojosa)