Garcia Ready to Step into the Cage

Over the past couple decades sports like MMA have gone from the fringes to the mainstream and that means an entire generation has grown up only knowing these as popular endeavors leaving fighters like Americo Garcia ready to take their crack at the fight game.

Americo ‘Gordy’ Garcia grew up knowing the fight life watching his dad compete and it didn't take long for the youngster to pick up the love and it all began in jujitsu.

"I've done a lot of jujitsu, not a lot of MMA but watching guys on UFC fight, it just drove me to do it. I don't know I may be crazy but I love the fighting it's awesome."

Gordy admits climbing into a cage with another human being and the goal being annihilated takes a different kind of mindset.

"You get in a locked cage for nine minutes and you try to knock each other’s heads off and you've got to be a little crazy, you gotta have something a little bit loose with you but I think it's awesome, it's crazy it's going to be an awesome experience. Going into something where you're going to get hit and can get your head knocked off is a little bit different but it's still so much fun."

While this will be Garcia’s first foray into an MMA fight, he feels ready to go after training in so many different disciplines.

"You start with one sport and then it keeps growing and you learn jujitsu and karate and boxing and then you learn tae kwon do and you just start learning and learning and learning more."

As Friday night looms, the 20 year old Laredoan has one goal in mind .....

"I gotta get the finish no matter what, whether it come from submission or knockout or TKO or whatever I have to do to finish the fight, I'll finish the fight. If I have to win through decision, then I'll win through decision but I'm there to win and what I'm looking forward to is the fight itself, climbing in there and showing people I can do it."