Garcia Sees Hard Work Pay Off with National Championship

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As you can see I’m not alone here on the sports desk, joining us is our newest addition to the KGNS team, Luis Barrio will be covering sports and news. Luis what do you have for us tonight.

Thank you Ryan, I caught up with local boxing champ Emilio Garcia. He is fresh off of his national title in the 125-pound division. The same title that eluded him a year ago. This is about the work one puts in to become champ.

"My name is Emilio Garcia and this is my belt and I won a national title in Salt Lake City Utah and I'm number one." (Emilio Garcia, 125lb Champion)

For the Garcia family, boxing is a family tradition. So is winning. But before Emilio became champ, finishing second came first.

"I was pretty upset. I really wanted to win but I didn't get the decision." (Emilio)

Runner up in the 119-pound division in 2017, Emilio and his trainer, who is also his father, knew what he had to do.

"I just told him you know what you need to work hard that way you can convince those judges every day that you deserve it." (Jose Luis Garcia, Trainer/Dad)

And that's what he did five days a week at least three hours a day, training, focused on winning.

"I really wanted that tournament and I worked hard in the gym." (Emilio)

And this past weekend at the 2018 elite & youth national championship and junior prep open, he had his chance.
"he won the title 125 and so now he's number one now in that division as a fifteen, sixteen year old." (Jose)

Following in his older brother Angel Garcia’s footsteps

"It’s very uh, its' very cool." (Emilio)

And also solidifying a spot with the USA Junior Olympic team,

"It's a lot of training. You have to put a lot of effort and it's not easy.” (Emilio)