Hawks Eye Big 2019 Season

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We continue our football previews with a trip down highway 83 where the Zapata Hawks have their eyes on a big 2019 and are making no bones about their intentions this fall.
"We're setting the bar high, I'll be disappointed to not win all ten games this year." (Joel A. Lopez, Head Coach)

Lopez is now in his 2nd year leading his hometown team and a lot of that confidence comes from having 17 guys returning from a team that went 3-1 in their district.

"It gives us a lot of confidence, we already know what we have, we're rolling in strong, we're going to run with it and see where the season takes us." (Marcos Gonzalez, Defensive Tackle)

"I think we're a lot better than last year, we've got more reps in catching and throwing the ball and lineman blocking, so I expect a lot." (Xavi Rodriguez, Wide Receiver)

On offense the skill players are back with another year under their belts including the dynamic duo of quarterback JD Guerra and wideout Xavi Rodriguez, but the thing that puts a twinkle in their eyes is his big men up front.

"I've got 20 years as a head coach and I've never had an offensive line with that size, so they better not give up any sacks and we'll have a good year running." (Lopez)

"Everything goes to them keeping me safe especially since I've been hurt two years in a row, now I can give it to them and hopefully they keep me safe." (JD Guerra, Quarterback)

For the Hawks to improve they know it will come down to the little things in each game and that's what they continue to focus on every day in practice.

"Stay cool, just collect every little minute of the game, little by little learn your opponent and as the game progresses, we're jumping on their little mistakes." (Guerra)

If they can do that, then they know good things will follow.

"We have to stay hungry from last year, we took a big loss to La Feria, we're going to come out and try to win every game. La Feria is going to be a big game for us, that's the game we are waiting for." (Gonzalez)

"We just have to do our job and take care of each week and get after our opponents as we would get after a state championship game everytime." (Lopez)