Hebbronville with Big Things in Store for 2019

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The guys out in Hebbronville have big expectations for the upcoming season and a big part of the optimism starts with the big boys manning both sides of the line.

Coming into his fifth year in charge, head coach RJ Montalvo says the speed and the size of the offensive and defensive line are at levels he hasn’t seen since being here, especially the o-line.

“We're probably going to have our biggest line in the past five years that we've been here, so we're excited about that having some good sized kids coming up from JV.” (RJ Montalvo, Head Coach)

“we haven’t really had uh, a big o-line in like six years so yeah size doesn’t really matter. We’ll do our job. (Daniel Gonzalez, OL/DE)

Daniel Gonzalez is one of the few on the team that will play both sides. He and guys like EJ Deleon and Raul Puig have great expectations set on them

“I think we have smart players defensively the returners are going to be pretty dependable this year. our younger kids are a little less experienced but they still have the talent there.” (Raul Puig, OL/LB)

One of the guys with experience is quarterback Jevon Gonzalez, he's one of the fastest players in the district.

“In the summer we all put in work. We’ll lift and come throw passes the ball a little bit. We got a lot bigger and stronger this year so we'll be fine. Our main goal is just to win district and make a deep run.” (Jonaven Gonzalez, QB/DB)

A lot of that extra work stems from having a leader like Gonzalez on the team and big things are expected of him on both sides of the ball

“He's projected as the offensive MVP of the district, so we're expecting big things from him. An extremely athletic kid.” (Montalvo)

Making a deep run is exactly what coach and his players alluded to. They want to win district, win bi-district, and make it into the third round.

“We have a pretty tough district, I do like our chances, I think we have a chance to win the district if we stay healthy.” (Montalvo)

“That we're much stronger, we're much faster. Our offense is better, and our defense has gotten way better than before.” (D. Gonzalez)