Longhorns Look for Bounce Back Season

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With football season just around the corner, we continue our tour of local high schools and today we head over to United, where the Longhorns are hoping a summer spent in the sun is what they need to get back to the top of the district.

Everything looked to be going so well for the Longhorns last season, and then thing fell apart late as United found themselves in a weird position, watching from home as the playoffs started snapping a string of seven straight years making the postseason. That obviously left a bad taste in the guy’s mouths and it's been one they've been trying to wash out since that final loss.

"It was real disappointing. We worked so hard and it just crumbled at the end but I feel confident in this team and we're going to rise up again." (Jose Garcia, United Center)

"It just hurts not making the playoffs and we have to make it this year." (Chris Martinez, United DT)

The Longhorns got to work right away looking to right the wrong of 2017 and a big part of that was the summer program that saw them spending time working as a team but also getting to state for the second year in a row in seven on seven.

"Lifting, running, hot days, you know just like this but it was great, it was great because we worked on our strength and our speed this summer." (Garcia)

"They've grinded real hard all offseason and summer long, you can feel the commitment, you can feel the energy, you can feel their excitement for the season." (David Sanchez, United Head Coach)

Part of getting back to where the Longhorns want to be is having that confidence within themselves and the team.

"Building off the winning would help us a lot and just feeding off the wins would make us more positive and continue on to the playoffs." (Martinez)

They hope that getting some early wins will get them back to where they want to be, not only challenging for a district title but picking up some playoff wins as well.

"It's going to be a good challenge to get back up there because there's a lot of doubters but we've got the best team here, the best coaches, the best staff and we're going to do the best we can to get back there." (Garcia)

"Any time you're a completive person and you fall short, you have that burning desire to get back up there and do the things you're used to doing and reach that goal of being the first team to pass that 3rd round is just burning inside of us." (Sanchez)