Martinez Siblings get Rare Opportunity

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It will be a big day for one boxing family here in Laredo Friday night as the Martinez siblings become one of only a handful of brother sister duos to fight on the same professional card.

Polito Martinez has made a name for himself in the boxing circles, starting off as a young amateur making his way up through the ranks, even making a run with USA Boxing at one point. But he's not the only one in the family that caught the boxing bug, as his sister Larizza has now started up with the sport with a win and a draw already to her name. The two will get the chance this Friday to become one of the rare brother sister duos to fight professionally at the same event.
"I always look up to him and how he got me into it, so I thought I was going to try it, so fighting under his card is a huge honor." (Larizza Martinez)

"Unfortunately I don't like her to fight but she likes it but I'll support her even if I don't like it." (Polito Martinez)

While older brother might not enjoy watching his little sis climb between the ropes, he's in her corner literally and figuratively.

"I've got to work her corner both of her fights and I just get anxious but she's been doing good. I'm proud of her."

It’s not just a brother sister thing either as Polo Martinez not only serves as their dad but coach in the ring as well.

"I love it because he's my father and my coach, so everything that happens in the house and in training is two different parts within the family but I really like that he's my father and my trainer at the same time because he understands me."

"He's always had my back, I'm a daddy's boy, so him learning the sport for me, him grasping it is the best thing ever."

These two will be on display along with a number of other Laredo boxers this Friday at Fight Fest 17 from the Sames Auto Arena. Polito will be getting a title shot as he fights Oscar Cantu for the ABF USA Bantamweight belt as the co-main event while Larizza will fight earlier in the night.