Nixon Ready for New Challenges in 2018

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We kick off our tour of Laredo area high school football teams with the guys coming off back to back district titles but seeing a lot of change this fall.

With so many offenses going to the high flying passing attacks, there is at least one in Laredo that likes to keep things on the ground and that's the guys in green and gold. But with their top three running backs from last year gone to graduation, it's time for new names and faces to step into big roles.

"We asked a lot of young guys to step up to the plate this year, we've got a lot of sophomores and incoming juniors that are first year on varsity, they've been doing a really good job all off season to step up to the plate and hopefully that pays off during the season." (Eddie Macias, Nixon RB)

"We've got guys to fill in immediately, Esteban and the fast guys, they are slippery. I see a bunch of good, young talent out there." (Adrian Lopez, Nixon OT)

After back to back district titles, this is a team used to success but those wins don't come easily, it starts with work in the summer and knowing their plays inside and out.

"Our boys are able to play a little bit faster than they actually are because we have zero team speed but they are able to go a little bit faster because they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing." (Antonio Villalon, Nixon Head Coach)

"Throughout the summer everyone just really put their part in, everyone is looking for the same goal and that's to win another district title." (Macias)

A 3rd straight district championship isn't going to be easy though as the Mustangs make the jump up from being a big school at the 5A level to the smallest in their district.

"Every single minute of every single day you have to stay on the kids, and they have to stay on each other to demand perfection of each other because that's the only way we're going to stay competitive with the lack of resources in terms of talent and numbers that we have." (Villalon)

The players are excited and ready to embrace the challenge in front of them.

"We have faced a couple of the 6A teams during the preseason and scrimmages, so we kind of see what they do, so we're not really that intimidated." (Lopez)

"It's really exciting to face new teams, new faces and bigger guys. We're just really looking forward to the challenge and we know it's not going to be easy, but we're ready to put up a fight." (Macias)