Panthers Back to Grind Prepping for Sweet 16

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As the Panthers continue to work on the practice field under the blistering South Texas sun, they hear the whispers of having to face a top five team in the state and nationally ranked Lake Travis, but they don't worry about all that noise.
"They are just any other team, we're a team, they're a team, they have nine guys, we have nine guys and we're just going to play our hearts out no matter the result." (Bernard Pedraza, South SS)

"We've always been known as the underdogs and it just helps us work harder and focus more." (Manny Navarro, South Utility)

"I don't think we're the underdogs but I mean a lot of people are saying we are and I don't really care because we're going to have the same mentality and that's to win." (Devin Benavides, South 2B/P)

It's tough to ignore history though as this is a spot these Panthers have never been in. In fact the last time South made it to the Sweet 16, this year’s senior class was still in diapers.

"The last time we did it I was two years old and it feels great to be part of this team, only the 2nd time in school history and it's an honor to be part of this team and this program." (Navarro)

"For us it's something new, a new experience but like we've told the guys, baseball is about showing up , playing your best game and hopefully we can do that this upcoming series and luck has been on our side so far, and hopefully that continues." (Dante Madrigal, South Head Coach)

It's an experience they expect to share many fans as baseball fever has taken hold of United South.

"The school, the campus itself is very excited, we're expecting a big crowd from our side going over there and our support has been awesome and it's a unique experience." (Madrigal)

Win or lose this weekend the guys at south say the magnitude of what they've done this season still hasn't hit them yet but they know it will at some point.

"We just hope it could become a tradition here at South, we hope it continues to happen during the following years, the next five years, ten years and for United South to be a known school." (Benavides)

"It hasn't hit us yet but as soon as we're older we'll be having get together, reunions, and we're going to be talking about this moment forever." (Pedraza)