Panthers Expect Big Things in Year 2 of Coss Era

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2018 was a different kind of season for the United South football program as they saw a new head coach take over in the spring, but as most in the sport will tell you, it's year two where a staff and program really start to gel and that's the hope for the Panthers.

United South made it into the playoffs last year as the fourth seed with a 3-8 record. It was coach Coss' first year, they were downed by PSJA North in virtually a road playoff game. Yet, any mention of last year only serves as a reminder of the foundation being set up for the future.

“Now, we can say that this stuff has been installed by us. Passion drives us man. You know so that’s what we do.” (Joe Coss, United South Head Coach)

With a brighter outlook, what this defense may lack in experience, coach says it makes up for in speed.

“Izzy for sure, the other defensive end, Poncho. Our middle linebacker, all our linebackers Jonathon, poncho, EVERYBODY. We’re all ball hawks, we all pursue to the ball. So the outlook is really bright for this team.” (William Noble, United South DE)

Record talk aside, coach preaches a mentality of making each practice, a great practice.

“He makes it so like its gameday every day and it’s not practice, it’s not a place to joke around. He takes it really serious and we make sure that everything goes well and Friday, under the lights its everything.” (Jonathan Hernandez, United South MLB)

Not as depleted from last year as the d is. Brian Benavides comes back following a sensational sophomore year, racking up just under fifteen hundred yards and 14 TDs Benavides might not have much to say, his play talks for him, and he'll talk for them.

“I trust my o-line. I mean they open good holes. That’s why I mean, everything is because of them. that’s why I’m here. Doing well.” (Brian Benavides, United South Running Back)

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, starting QB Efrain Hernandez’s improved throwing motion will be backed up with time, according to coach.

“The offensive line you're gonna see him getting time to throw that ball.” (Coss)

“For the offensive side you know just getting that connection with the receivers getting the blocks correctly on the o-line the running back doing their job. me doing my footwork, and me in particular just working as hard as i can for my receivers for my o-line for my team, and just being the best I can for them.” (Efrain Hernandez, United South QB)