Toros Focused on Finishing Games in 2019

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It was a nightmare of a season in 2018 for the Cigarroa football team, with no wins in the season, while that might send some programs into a tailspin, the Toros say the offseason has been full of optimism as they look to build around a number of returning starters.

It would have been easy for the guys at Cigarroa to hang their heads after last season and feel sorry for themselves, instead their coach says they had record turnouts all off season long. Their mantra over all these months has been to finish the game after losing by single digits four times in 2018.

"We have to finish every rep, we have to finish everything we do as hard as we can so we can finish the fourth quarter in every game." (Alex Guzman, RB/WR)

"You can play three good quarters, but you've got to make it happen in the fourth to come away with a victory, so every drill we did or in the weight room or running on the track, the emphasis was finish and make sure you get the job done." (Carlo Hein, Head Coach)

Ask Carlo Hein and the players what excites them about the defense and it's the big boys up front that are on the tips of their tongues.

"Our d-line is the strongest part of the defense and they stop the run game easy and they give us a little leeway in the backfield so we can focus on the passing." (Rudy Ramirez, Strong Safety)

"We're going to be young in the secondary, so when we play those spread teams we're going to need help from them to get to the quarterback. When we play the run oriented teams, they set things up for the linebackers, so I'm real excited about that group." (Hein)

On offense fans should be on the lookout for Alex Guzman who is going to line up all over the field for the Toros.

"It makes me really excited because I can make plays anywhere and everywhere around the field and it makes me feel like a weapon my team can use me for to win games." (Guzman)

But he is far from the only weapon Cigarroa will deploy this fall.

"We want to spread the ball around and give everyone touches to keep people honest and make the thing happen and get seven points when we're in the red zone." (Hein)

And after a long offseason, if the Toros can find a win early in the season, it could be a springboard to much bigger things for Cigarroa.

"It would be really big to get that and get the guys going in a positive frame of mind." (Hein).

"It's really important to give us a little push going forward into the season and a more momentum." (Ramirez)

"It would just give us more confidence so we can push on during the season and get more wins." (Guzman)