Toros Looking to Snap 12 Year Playoff Drought

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Just by looking at the last three seasons end results you might think the Toros are locked in some horrible recurring nightmare, but the guys at Cigarroa think they see things turning a corner and are hopeful 2018 is their year.

Go out to Cigarroa as they get ready for the season opener and you'd never know they had all of three wins over the past three seasons.
Instead the Toros are upbeat and with good reason, coming off a strong off season that included a solid seven on seven performance.

"It puts smiles on kids faces and allows them to see that the hard work they have put in can translate on the field no matter who we're playing and that just builds inner-confidence and when you have that inner-confidence and you believe, you know anything's possible." (Carlo Hein, Head Coach)

"The energy is very positive, we're very focused, driven, trying to prove ourselves." (Frank Ramirez, DT/OT)

Now comes the task of turning those good vibes into wins on the field when it matters most.

"We stay focused and we keep getting ourselves better every day and we just feed off each other. You gotta believe to get there and so that's what we always put ourselves through, we gotta believe, we gotta push ourselves and we'll get there." (Alex Guzman, WR/LB)

A big part of the optimism comes from their DDC program that stretches beyond the football field and into these young men’s everyday lives.

"It's the discipline to do the right thing every day, the dedication to get better, the commitment to not let your brother down. We're not a thousand guys out here but the few that we do have are working their tails off." (Hein)

The numbers game could be an issue for the Toros this year, as a number of their guys will play both sides of the ball.

"It's going to be fun for sure but it's going to be tiring. We just have to strive through it together as a team to get some wins." (Guzman)

The Toros are hoping to stay injury free and finally have a few breaks go their way, if they can put all that together, then their goal of finally get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2006.

"If you're with us day in and day out, you know we're laying bricks and the foundation of a successful season to make sure we get some wins this year and maybe get into the playoffs." (Hein)

"We've improved a lot over the years and I mean we're here to stay and going to get there as a team." (Guzman)