Wolves Working to Put Rough 2017 Behind Them

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Just a few years ago the LBJ Wolves put together back to back winning seasons that included a playoff berth in 2014. Those seem like distant memories now for the Wolves as they try to rebuild and get back to the postseason.

It would be safe to say the past two seasons at LBJ have been a house of horrors, as the team has combined for only one win that included going 0-10 last year. While most programs might try to block out those memories, the Wolves refuse to.

"We can never forget about the bad past, because if we do we'll do the same thing. We went 0-10 last year and we can't repeat that again, so we got to grind and work hard despite what we went through." (Luis Gomez, WR)

"Last year we were in a lot of close games, Del Rio 14-13, South by one touchdown, we lost a lot of other games by one score or less, we just got to come out here chop wood and carry water." (Sergio Guel, CB/WR)

That motto of ‘carrying wood and chopping water’ is something head coach Alfonso Calderon lives by as he looks to change the program one player at a time.

"We've got to change by developing these men with the right character and the right leadership skills and I think once we accomplish that goal, we can change them as individuals, and the program will change as a whole." (Alfonso Calderon, Head Coach)

The players view the motto as a call to action off the field and on it, bringing with them a workman like attitude all the time.

"The grind, we just have to come out here every day and grind it out ... let's go the next day and repeat." (Guel)

"Everyday we've gotta be here, we have to grind and we have to fight the soreness or pain we have, we have to push through cause that's how hard games are going to come by and we got to push through." (Gomez)

The Wolves know they'll be considered the underdogs going in to most games, but they believe if just one or two of those close games go their way this season, it could mean a return to the playoffs for LBJ.

"One game can change the outcome of the season, so winning a big game can create a snowball effect and that's something that can be very very powerful." (Calderon)

"Despite the 0-10 and 1-19 the last two years, we're looking to go into a playoff run." (Guel)

"Despite whatever people say, or the negative comments about us, we're ready to go and show them what we're all about." (Gomez)