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About Us

Living with Celiac Disease

Living gluten free is not easy, but for some people, like me, it's a necessity. My hope is to create a community of support and ideas for others going GF!

Approximately 83% of those with Celiac Disease are undiagnosed. The following links will help you learn more about Celiac Disease, including symptoms, consequences of not treating the disease, and who should be tested. The only treatment for Celiac Disease is a strict, lifelong gluten free diet.


When a child’s health depends on making drastic changes to the family’s dining routine, meal time can become intimidating and frustrating.(Full Story)

My name is Ann Hutyra and I've lived in Laredo, TX for the past 10 years. On December 29th of 2012 my life changed forever when I went gluten free! Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease meant I had no choice but to change my lifestyle and eating habits if I wanted to be the healthiest I could be, and avoid any future health issues related to Celiac Disease. So there began my journey of being gluten free! I am hoping to offer help and advice to anyone else out there struggling with being gluten free, and find some help of my own along the way!