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Phone: 956-763-6044

About Us

Families for Autism Support and Awareness F.F.A.S.A.A. is a non-profit organization committed to providing support to families of children with Autism and promoting awareness of this particular disability among the families of Laredo, Texas and surrounding Webb County.



Our History

Our organization has been in existence for approximately fifteen years. The organization was created to fill a great void that was present in Laredo.  Once a child was diagnosed with Autism, there was no one to turn to and nowhere to go in our community. Community Leaders such as school personnel, physicians, and law enforcement people were not very knowledgeable about Autism and did not know how to deal with the disability, the children and their families. The nearest help was 150 miles away.

During the past fifteen years, our organization has been holding monthly support meetings where we focus on SUPPORTING each other, share our ups and downs, discuss effective strategies that work for our children, and discuss ways to advocate for our children.

We have also hosted annual Autism conferences in Laredo: a first for this city. Because of the high incident rate of this disability, we have had a constant increase in the number of participants in our meetings, social gatherings, and especially our conference. In order to target the children’s social deficits and help aid the families’ acceptance and support, we also host social gatherings that include Christmas and Halloween parties and our annual Thanksgiving banquet.