About Us

Its a Mission, we'll do what it takes to protect Wildlife and their natural habitats.

We are a non-profit organization which makes a stand for Wildlife and its habitats to be kept preserved and away from harm of any kind.

Reptilia came about in 2003 by a handfull of kids in Laredo Texas. With not much to do in the city our boredness had been saved by our south Texas ranches, lakes, rivers, and most of all Wildlife. We want to return the favor and save our beloved crawling friends and our Savana because we know it's in trouble. This organization's stand embarks a heavily sticky stamp on saving&protecting Wildlife and their habitats. Since Steve Irwin's passing Reptilia has picked up an even stonger approach to this mission. We just want people understand and notice us humans are taking up too much space and endangered species are skyrocketing to extinction. We must protect what is left of their land, and respect Wildlife itself; for every living creature there is a heart beat we must not ignore. We must keep our parks wild, keep from destroying trees and brush for parking lots, Junkyards, landfills, etc. To help join this fight, or simply just want to keep in touch with this Reptilia mission, simply "like" us on facebook.