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Chick-Fil-A spicing up its menu!

Netflix to increase monthly prices

Starbucks offering seasonal shortbread

Pizza Hut to expand its beer delivery service

Burger King trolls McDonald's with its one cent Whopper promotion

Digital assistants could predict relationship compatibility

Starbucks plans to block pornographic material on public Wi-Fi

Burger King giving away free flame-grilled dog bones

Several stores giving thanks to their customers

Jello releases edible slime

Monopoly releases Millennials Edition

Hidden Valley releases magnum bottle of ranch dressing

Keruig launches cocktail machine

Chick-Fil-A announces delivery service with DoorDash

KFC adds chicken and waffles to the menu

American Airlines passengers with nut allergies can board early

Walmart preparing for Holiday shopping season

Apple to unveil new devices today

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