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NTSB releases preliminary report on Earnhardt plane crash

Central Texas police chief commits suicide as Rangers serve warrants

N. Korea test-fires missiles again after joint drills end

Work on more border wall starts in Arizona, New Mexico

Florida man hits McDonald’s worker for taking too long, police say

International traveler with measles visited Disneyland

VIDEO: Octopus spotted slinking across sandbar on N.C. beach

Former Houston police officer charged with murder over raid

Little Debbie ranked all their snacks and people are not happy

Supreme Court: Ginsburg treated for tumor on pancreas

Son charged in death of ex-NFL lineman Bennett, wife

Illinois patient's death may be first in US tied to vaping

France opens Epstein-linked rape investigation

Arrest warrant issued in ice cream-licking incident in Texas

Iowa man who killed top golfer from Spain gets life sentence

Billionaire conservative donor David Koch dies at 79

Trio of Texas men ticketed after riding scooters on Milwaukee highway

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