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Baseball beat-down caught on camera

Krispy Kreme debuts new doughnut for 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing

School loses more than 400 completed ACT tests

Fishermen watch as great white shark makes off with bait

'It’s my job': Security guard fights off masked robbers at cellphone store

Hicks won't talk about Trump White House in interview

Rapist gets out of prison, allegedly attacks same victim in Wash.

GM seeks to avoid Takata recalls for fourth straight year

Trump EPA rolls back Obama rule on coal-fired power plants

US Navy expert: Tanker attack mine resembles Iranian mines

103-year-old woman owns Senior Games record

US tourist dies in Dominican Republic

US air quality is slipping after years of improvement

Juneteenth is Wednesday; Here’s why it’s sacred

PG&E to pay $1 billion to local governments in California for wildfire damage

'Why not now?' for slavery reparations, House panel is told

Dominican officials arrest 11th suspect in David Ortiz case

Maggots found on patient’s neck at troubled Hacienda Healthcare facility

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