Texas beer bandit goes viral

Central Texas preparing for possible flooding

Houston authorities searching for woman who abandoned child on doorstep

SA Teen accidentally shot after officer fires at armed suspect

Mother whips son after taking BMW for a joyride

Man arrested for allegedly attempting to steal news van

Five million Mega Millions ticket sold at south Texas store

Flooding along Llano River forces evacuations

Fort Worth drive-by leaves two children and two adults injured

Families in El Paso gather for "Hugs Not Walls" event

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tours immigrant detention center

Shooting at toddler's birthday party leaves four dead and one injured

Border Patrol agent under investigation for misconduct

Texas animal shelter using facial recognition software to find missing pets

Jury acquits man accused of giving toddlers an STD

Small aircraft crashes into truck in Midland

Man accused of sexually assaulting eight women he met online

San Antonio woman killed in drive by shooting

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