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Teen sex-trafficking victim dies by suicide

Texas Deputy shot during attempted robbery

Dog saves owner's life after chainsaw accident

Texans camp outside ahead of President Trump's arrival

San Antonio Firefighter hit and killed while responding to fire

Investigation continues into fatal Fort Worth Police shooting

Brawl breaks out at Texas convenience store over cough

Texas woman sentenced to prison for making son sick

Mechanical issues causes passengers to deplane on runway

Four-year-old girl dies after falling in pond at Buddhist temple

Scooter Attack Caught On Camera

Houston Police officer accused of running over cyclist

Migrants wanting to request asylum camp out on bridge

Security guard accused of shooting, killing robbery suspect

Groom-to-be accused of robbing bank to pay for wedding expenses

Masked Men Kill Texas Clerk

Video shows moment man gets struck by lightning

Fiesta de la Flor leaving Corpus Christi

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