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Hearses deliver thousands of flowers to El Paso Memorial site

Two boys found dead in Texas pond

Underage driver accused of striking and killing pedestrian

Khalid host benefit concert for El Paso next month

Texas teen arrested for allegedly making bomb threats via SnapChat

Wedding Crasher Bandit wanted by police

FBI investigating ICE office shootings in San Antonio

Remains of Vietnam War Pilot finally home

South Texas resident wins $5 million dollars by playing scratch off

President Trump meets youngest survivor of El Paso shooting

President Trump boasts about rally size during hospital visit

Wanted cartel fugitive arrested in Mexico

New charge filed against stepfather in connection with Maleah Davis' death

Police blame bail decision after brutal spouse murder

Four dead in San Antonio murder-suicide

Texas man accused of plotting mass shooting

Beto O'Rourke blames president for El Paso shooting

El Paso County district attorney to seek death penalty against gunman

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