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Keep track of your packages this holiday season!

Uber announces plans for flying taxi service

China Successfully Mines Flammable Ice

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Massive Satellite into Orbit

Newly-Discovered Dinosaur Named After Zuul from Ghostbusters

A Mini-Drone in Every Soldier's Pocket?

SpaceX Launches Secretive Spy Satellite

A Pope Francis TED Sermon: 'Tech Can Lead to More Equality'

See a Flying Car in Action!

Vehicular Vengeance: The Origin of Lamborghini

This Land was Made for Instagram

Roaming Robot Wants to Upgrade Your Videochats

Scientists Fly Drones Over Active Volcanoes

A Pink Moon is Coming

Watch All Light Disappear into This Material

Proposed Floating Skyscraper Would be Hung from Asteroid

Scientists Turn Spinach Leaves into Beating Heart Tissue

3D Mars Flyover Created Using Thousands of Real NASA Images

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