South Texas; One of the country’s most ideal areas for solar panels

Sponsored - Extreme sunlight exposure and weather conditions makes South Texas one of the country’s most ideal states for solar energy. The long summers and unpredictable temperature changes, cause many homeowners to run the air conditioner units for extended periods of time to stay cool. Between the extreme weather conditions and increasing energy rates across the state, energy bills in South Texas have skyrocketed over the past few years. PEG Energy has helped thousands of families of South Texas homeowners find solutions to this problem by taking advantage of the extended sun exposure to power their own homes.

How do solar panels work?

Once installed on your home, solar panels start creating energy when sunlight hits the solar structure. The energy that the panels create i transferred to the microinverters as Direct Current (DC) electricity. However, your home requires Alternating Current (AC) to power on your appliances and other electronics. Thus, the micro inverters are able to convert electricity from DC to AC. This energy is then transferred into the breaker box to provide energy throughout your home. If by chance your panels create excess energy, that energy is fed into the grid and in return you will earn some credits. In contrast, if you need more energy than what your panels produce, then you will pull energy from the grid and continue powering your home.

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What are the financial benefits of solar panels?

Most people who choose to go solar do it to lower their utility bill and in rare cases even eliminate it completely. Installing solar panels on your home will decrease your energy bill by counteracting the rising energy rates of energy providers. Another major financial benefit of going solar are the rebates and incentives offered to those who switch to solar energy. For example, the federal solar tax credit will continue to provide a 30% tax credit for those who go solar between 2023 until 2033. Owning solar panels brings many financial benefits like getting a deduction on your tax liability for going solar or lowering your monthly electricity bill. Even in the long-run, solar panels will continue to provide benefits when owners experience their return on investment (ROI) of at least 20% throughout the lifetime of their panels. Overall, homeowners are expected to experience the most benefits when they reach their payback period or breakeven and save thousands of dollars for the next decades.

The benefits of solar for commercial properties include low demand charges, tax incentives, as well as making a positive impact on the environment. By having your business go solar, it will help you invest in what really matters. Energy costs are extremely high and will only keep rising as time keeps going. With solar, your energy costs can be slashed and those savings can be applied to the continuous expansion of your business.

Businesses that have gone solar have been able to gain greater employee satisfaction by using their solar savings to provide raises and retain talented individuals. As an added benefit, going solar will give potential customers a positive view of your company values.

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Why is PEG Energy the right choice for you?

While solar itself brings many benefits, it is important to choose the right partner that will not only do a great job of installing solar panels, but will help in all other aspects as well. PEG Energy has a team of people dedicated to providing the best solar experience possible. Our Team consists of constant researchers that will provide the best solution possible. After installation our project team will ensure you receive the proper service when needed. Our team uses the latest technology to provide the best results. Here at PEG Energy our team members are passionate about doing solar the right way and guarantee the best performance.

Are solar panels just for home?

In short, solar panels can be installed in other structures not just on residential properties. Solar panels can be installed in different ways to better fit the needs of each client such as budget and design. We can install solar panels in homes using rooftop or solar pergolas. Solar pergolas are usually preferred for their added shade while providing the same benefits of rooftop solar. We also install solar in businesses, ranches, and commercial buildings. In case of limited space, we are able to offer solar pergolas, car ports, or ground mounted solar arrays.

If a homeowner is interested, what are the next steps they should take?

Our solar experts are equipped to help answer any question you might have about solar. All the information we share is completely free and comes with zero commitment. If you are curious to see if solar will actually benefit you financially, we provide a free zero commitment personalized quote for you! This way you can check out our prices without any commitment to going solar.

We welcome you to learn more about solar by visiting our Solar Design Studio on 7913 McPherson Road to check out some of the equipment we use. We have solar panels, microinverters, Tesla Powerwalls, Tesla Solar Roof, and even a solar pergola you can check out in person and see if it would be a good fit for your home!

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