2023 ALGS Split 2 Playoff teams officially set following the completion of Split 2 Regional Finals and Regular Season

OpTic Gaming enjoying the main stage at the 2022 ALGS Championship before the start of the...
OpTic Gaming enjoying the main stage at the 2022 ALGS Championship before the start of the tournament.(OpTic Gaming)
Published: May. 12, 2023 at 4:39 PM CDT
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(Gray News) - The Apex Legends Global Series finished its regular season last weekend, with each region solidifying its Split 2 standings following regional finals. Some significant shifts happened in the North American region, causing some teams to miss out on the upcoming Split 2 Playoffs, while others are happy to have barely held on to their invite.

A similar sentiment is held across the South America (SA) and Asia-Pacific South (APAC-S) regions, which only send five teams each to the playoffs. The first and second-place teams’ point total is usually reachable by whoever holds the 6th or even 8th-place spot. So teams in these regions who top the standings must fight off the last-ditch efforts of teams on the cut line until the bitter end of the regional finals.

Asia-Pacific North (APAC-N) sends nine teams to playoffs, while the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region sends ten teams. North America (NA) is lucky in that while they are the region with objectively the deepest pool of talent, they also hold the final eleven spots in the total forty up for grabs in Split 2 playoffs.

Regional Finals, now being done and dusted, give us a look at who the 40 teams traveling to London on July 13th will be.

Top Eleven NA Teams Going to Split 2 Playoffs

NA saw little change in the top four teams going into the regional finals, with the only movement being DarkZero leapfrogging FURIA and OpTic Gaming from fourth place into second place, due mainly to DarkZero placing first in the regional finals.

The rest of the top eleven saw a significant change, with several teams like FaZe and TSM moving up a spot or two. Others like 100 Thieves, Glytch Energy, and Luminosity dropped a few places. Luminosity fans had the most nerve-wracking experience of any fan base this past weekend. A close tenth-place finish in regional finals meant Luminosity would be the eleventh and final team to make playoffs.

Meat Lovers and WildCard weren’t as fortunate, finishing just behind Luminosity in the regional finals and the split two standings, meaning they won’t pack their bags for London. NRG and Complexity, on the other hand, sat just below the cut line before the regional finals. Thanks to great performances in the finals, and the failings of Meat Lovers and WildCard, they now get a shot at getting playoff points this July.

3rdOpTic Gaming113
8thGlytch Energy85
9th100 Thieves84

Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

EMEA saw no movement in their top four teams, with the top three teams of Alliance, Vexed Gaming, and Pioneers finishing in that exact order in the top three of regional finals. Ethernal is the more exciting story for this region, as their fourth-place finish in regional finals just managed to solidify a tenth-place spot in the final season standings sending them to playoffs.

2ndVexed Gaming128
4thFire Beavers107
5thJLINGZ Esports99
6thElement 699


The top teams in APAC-N didn’t have much to worry about going into their regional finals, as point totals dropped noticeably after eighth place. But with nine teams invited from this region, one final team had to step up to the plate, and FC Destroy was the team to do so after they finished third in the finals.

6thCrazy Raccoon108
9thFC Destroy83

APAC-S was much the same as their northern counterpart, with Moist Esports, ONIC Esports, and BLVKHVND separating themselves significantly from the rest of the field with a stellar regular season. MDY-WHITE and DreamFire had more to worry about in the regional finals as they were close to the cut line with several other teams like DEWA UNITED and Tom Yum Kung in striking distance. DreamFire cemented their spot in playoffs with a second place in the finals, while MDY-WHITE barely stayed above the cut line thanks to a sixth place and a poor showing from AGL.

1stMoist Esports151
2ndONIC Esports138

South America

Probably the most hotly contested region for the final split of the 2023 ALGS season, SA saw a pivotal battle over standings in its regional final. F/A Players didn’t have much to worry about as they had accumulated enough regular season points to guarantee a top-five placement. However, they still demonstrated their strength and finished second in the finals to maintain the top spot in the season standings.

Fellas won the regional finals to solidify a third-place season finish and an invite to playoffs. Gosu, ATHXHVY, and LeaveNoWitness didn’t put up riveting performances in finals but held off the last swings of K1CK, NORG, and NorCal Esports to stay in the top five of the regular season.

1stF/A Players143

How Split 2 Playoffs Works and How to Watch

The Group Stage of Split 2 Playoffs starts July 13th in London. All forty teams get separated into four groups of ten, and matches are set up so that each group plays every other group once. This stage concludes on July 14th.

On July 15th, the bracket stage of the tournament will begin. The top 20 teams from the Group stage are placed into a winners bracket, while the bottom 20 teams will be put in a losers bracket. A six-game series is then played in both brackets. The top ten teams in the winners bracket following the six-game series will move directly to the finals stage, while the bottom ten teams will move to a second losers bracket, where they will face the top ten teams from the first losers bracket. The top ten teams from the second losers bracket will move on to the finals.

The Finals will be played on July 16th and has no match limit. Teams will grapple to reach a 50-point minimum, making them “Match Point Eligible”; their only goal from then on is to win a match. Multiple teams can become “Match Point Eligible” during the finals, so winning as fast as possible is crucial after becoming eligible. Doing so means a team has become the Split 2 Playoff Champion and takes home their $300,000 split of the one million dollar prize pool. Second Place earns $160,000, and third will take home a not-too-shabby $105,000.

All the action starts July 13th in London with the Official Play Apex Twitch Channel and the Apex Legends Esports Channel streaming it for audiences worldwide.

Gray Television is an investor in OpTic Gaming.